The Process

How To Apply:
Publishers can send 4 submissions for nomination by first notifying the entry to [email protected]  with the subject “WOMEN WRITER’S PRIZE”/ for nomination. They will also be required to send 3 copies of each submission to the following address: SheThePeople, B6 701 World Spa West, Gurgaon 122001.
Who Is Eligible to Apply
Publishers should send in the applications on behalf of women writers who are residing in India or have published their books in India between the time frame of August 2020 to October 2021. Novels and short story collections written in English (or English translations) by a single author are invited.
(*Important: No e-book or self-published book will be accepted. Only publishers can apply on behalf of their writers.)
What Are We Looking For in Authors:
Works of fiction submitted for the award should be written by Indian women writers residing in India.