About Awards 2019

These awards celebrate talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and creation among women on the internet.
Women are bringing alive ideas for a new India with breakthroughs in digital and tech, transforming their lives and the nation’s potential. This new entrepreneurial energy is what can take India to the next level and put women at the forefront.
Be part of this journey.

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History of Digital Women Awards

Digital Women Awards were established in 2015 with a vision of celebrating and recognizing entrepreneurs leveraging innovation to build on the internet. In the last seven years, we have brought towards a diverse range of firebrand women, all united by their success in and passion for digital from all across India.

From Salem to Siliguri, Bathinda to Bangalore, these awards a diverse and bring entrepreneurs across big and small cities to one forum to interact and connect over shared problems and successes.

Our focus is on the growth and success of women using the internet and impacting their own lives so they become financially independent and self-reliant in more ways than one. At SheThePeople, our aim to provide a platform to meet, engage and build skills and networks to women to reach their goals.

We are the Digital Women Awards: a community that aims to empower 10 million women by engaging in digital skills and opportunities. Our Instagram handle is Digital Women Collective and you should follow it right now!

The Trophy

Digital Women Awards trophy is elegance and power combined. Designed by a young rising female designer and manufactured by another small business owner, this trophy is exquisitely simple and an absolute masterpiece in pure steel. It symbolizes ingenuity and imagination that’s a pure reflection of undivided passion towards entrepreneurs display.

The Digital Women Awards trophy wants you to conquer change and is awarded to the fearlessness and risk-taker in the entrepreneur.

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